Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kinesthesis in Disc Golf

This past semester I was in the disc golf class along with the Mid-Range King and have improved immensely. What is the reason for my improvement? It is not simply information. My success stems mainly from the simple act of repetition and is a product of kinesthetics. When we do something in a repetitive manner, good or bad, physical sensations that are generated within the body which are monitored by the brain eventually establish themselves as a memory pattern. This pattern helps us to recall and duplicate a specific movement during future performances. It my case, I observed good procedure (in the person of Jim Beilby and my good classmates) and attempted to imitate their success. Repeated practice accompanied by a good model helped me to develop a proper memory pattern. Now, I play more consistently and can throw farther becuase of a developed kinesthetic action. However, since the environment changes which each throw I still need to work on successfully adapting my throw to fit situations. Also, I must continue to play often or else I not improve and actually get worse (though not below a certain level). The only other thing standing in my way is overthinking the action (which I do constantly). I need to allow my memory pattern to do its job without hindering it by changing positive aspects of my throw.

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