Sunday, June 10, 2007

Classic Sioux City Discing

Alright, so I haven't actually made it out to play a round at Sertoma this week. Why then the post title you ask? Well, around Wednesday or Thursday (I forget which), I had the itch to throw... hard. So down to Hoover I went. The problem though, as is always a problem in this town, the wind was ridiculous. Any other day, you just play. Wind will forever be a factor here. But there are days when you should really pause and consider whether or not its worth it to even bring out your discs. And with rumored wind measurements of 50+ mph, this was one of those days. To help you get an idea of what this is like, let me provide an example...

We all know I have struggled to turn over my discs as of late. I've recovered much from this, but we're still not yet back to par on the issue. Well, the winds this day allowed me to completely burn my Star T-Rex when I released it even a bit hyzer. Quite a feat considering I have a hard time even turning over my T-Rex when in good form.

So while I don't necessarily recommend playing rounds in hurricane force winds, get out and throw. Its an interesting experience.

Rip the nips


Song of the Week: "The Unguarded Moment" by The Church

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