Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Round of Ups and Downs

It was a cool and damp morning last Friday, May 25, 2007. The Players in my party included: long time mentors and disc golfers Douglas Walters and Wes Myers. We chose to go to Acorn Park to play our final round together as a collegient threesome. The round could be characterized as a typical round. Lots of crappy shots mixed in a with a few good ones. I started out my round in the plusses going the first three holes with bogeys. As for my counterparts they played their typical supurb preformances. Each having amazing shots on two and three.
After the first three holes all of us began to settle down and play our style of game. Despite what doug says, he played well. Everything was as usual until we reach hole 10. I pull out my roadrunner and get ready to throw. The pole-hole is playing in the back position. I throw my drive and watch it sail up the hill until I cannot see it any more and then all of a sudden we hear the sound of the chains clanking together. I turn around and look at doug and wes. I say "No freeken way! That didn't just happen!" We pick up our bags and run up the hill looking, hoping to see what we all think did happen. YES!! It did happen, I had thrown a hole in one. It weaved arouond trees and landed in the basket! I still couldn't beleive it.

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Diggs said...

I can't believe that was the first and only hole we decided to film!