Sunday, May 20, 2007


There comes a time in every mans life when it's appropriate to reflect on the events that have taken place over the last few months. This is one of those times. The semester I had the privilege of being enrolled in a beginners disc golf class here at Bethel University. I went into the class with no expectations of getting worse at the game that I very much enjoy. I went into the class with only the intentions of becoming a smarter player and tweaking the few mechanics that needed tweaking. Now that the class is officially finished pending the final grades to be posted soon. I want to take a moment to reflect on my disc golf experiences this semester.
The disc golf class first met on a very blistery day in the wretched athletic facility called the SRC. It was here that I first met my Professor of Disc Golf, Jim Bielby. Let's be real, this guy is good at what he does theologically, and disc golficlly. I was very intimidated because I didn't know who was going to be good and where I ranked as far as they were. The first class period was mostly lecture on basic rules of disc golf and how to even throw the discs. Hey, it's a basic beginners class. Though, I was no beginner, as I have been playing since the beginnings of my high school career. (Thanks Diggs) It was good to review the proper ways to throw the disc. I will say that I did learn some new terminology that I try to use when ever possible. The class ended with Bielby watching us throw just to gauge how much he was going to have to work to correct our technique. Bielby came past me and said, "Wow, you have a nice throw. Probably won't have to make too many adjustments right off the bat. I think we'll wait till we get out on the course to fix anything." I was so happy when I heard that. I thought he was going to rip me apart. After that Bielby and I were tight.
The disc golf classes consisted mostly of playing actual rounds of disc golf out at our very own dg course on campus (which I feel that I have a pretty good handle on). It was good to be just playing consistently and learning from mistakes.
Another highlight of the semester was playing in the first ever Bethel University Disc Golf Championship. It was a privilege to play along side a colleague of mine, many of you know him. The ever consistent Douglas Walters. We both played very excellent as he has already alluded to in a prior post. I'm going to speak for my part on the tourny. My goal in the tourny was to just play my game. Hopefully, that would end up being pretty consistent and like usual it was. My game was just to play each hole one shot at a time and play for pars. My philosophy is that the birdies will come so just play for the par. My two rounds were pretty solid if I do say so myself. I made probably only a half a handful of mistakes and they cost me 5 bogeys. Those five bogeys along with the two birdies allowed me to claim a share of the fourth place winnings. (2 Innova Disc Golf Discs, Archangel 165g, and a Shark 161g) Like Diggs mentioned, I did not expect to even be close to winning the pot. I just wanted to place. I was amazed at some of the scores that turned up compared to ours. Mad Props to Diggs for edging me out. Honestly, I didn't know the scoring for our round till we tallied it at the end. Great Job Bro!! As far as the CTP goes I can't say anything to it b/c I dont' think I could have done it again. I just threw a solid hyzer up into the trees and it happened to not hit any of them landing closest to the pin. Overall, not a bad showing for my first tourney, I think I would like to play in a few more after that experience.
As the class went on I feel that I have definitely improved in many aspects of my game. By far my mental game has improved the greatest. I am more confident in the shots that I make and my disc choice for shots has also improved. Since the class has ended, I am coming off my pedestal of amazingness and am realizing that disc golf is much like our Christian lives and there comes many ups and downs in our lives. The game of disc golf is not a constant mountain top experience, but it's in the low, dark valleys that many experiences shed their skin. I am very greatfull for the experence and knowledge that I have gained from the course.

I also must give a very loud shout out to my good friend Urbwes for his phenomenal improvements that he has made by being apart of the class as well. Wes, there wasn't a day on the course that you didn't impress me. You have improved greatly over the last semester. Keep it up.

Until my next post.
Keep your hyzer lines steady and don't let the wind take them

Yours truly,
Mid Range King

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URBWes said...

thanks mid range king. It was a pleasure to play with you.