Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Epic Round

This is, by far, my most exciting post settle in, and please bear with my giddiness. I went out to Sertoma today with my friend Sean, who is my regular disc golf partner, to play a couple quick rounds during my lunch break and before he had to go to work. It is a spectacular day here temperature-wise, especially after breaking a record on Monday and a wind that prevented me from braving Mt. Sertoma. It was 72 degrees, which was great, but we did have to cope with a 10-15 mph wind gusting to 25mph at times, which as you fellas know is not unusual for Sertoma, especially in the spring.
I began the round with a great drive off of one, one of my best, yet I had to come back quite a ways on my second shot, still managing to strike the pin and settle for a very respectable three for the hole. Hole two was good as well, and Sean and I both managed threes for the first two, which is a GREAT start for both of us. Not too much for likes of the disc golf company that frequent this blog, but good for us. Sean mans up on three, getting another three, his best start ever, and I have to settle for a four, which is not unusual for me on three. Things are going well...
...and then there's hole four. Beautiful, dangerous, short, epic four. This is the highlight of my story, and maybe my disc golf career. I bust out my DX Eagle (Douglas may be thinking "Wait, he bought a PRO eagle after losing his first-ever DX eagle last summer." Sorry doug, Eight claimed my beloved PRO BRIGHT YELLOW Eagle and this is my THIRD eagle that I have bought...I decided to go back to DX since you never know when the disc-gods will reclaim another one of their own.), use my backhand throw, aim for he big tree equal in distance with the pin, take into account the affects of the wind, as well as the spectacular left-hand turns the eagle is capable of, and let her fly at about half-strength. There she goes...beautiful shot...heading right for the big tree as planned...she starts to turn beautifully. Wait a minute...she has the distance, clears the top of the hill...I strain to see...she strikes the ground, bouncing into the basket!!!!!!!! My arms are up, I rejoice...screaming out my victory. Sean doubted what I saw, and went running towards the pin. Looking around the pin, he doesn't see the disc and hollers back that I did not make it and he doesn't see the disc. He didn't look into the basket!!!! I am running to the pin, when he cries out, "Oh my gosh!!!!! A HOLE IN ONE!!!!!! You did it!!!" And the peasants rejoice my friends, the peasants rejoice.
Riding high on cloud nine, I bust out a beautiful drive and end up with a 2, MY FIRST EVER, on hole five. After a couple crappy throws, I get a four on six. I fore-handed my drive on seven, clearing the corner (which I hardly ever do) and we spent 15 minutes looking into the woodpile only to find out it landed 10 yards from the pin, my best drive ever. I biffed the put, got a three, got another my standard four on eight (SERTOMA COURSE UPDATE: They are installing stairs on the hill from 7 to 8, which is a nice addition!), and after an EASY shot at three on nine, I end up with a four on that hole due largely to the blasted wind. So I got a 28 for the round (which should have really been even a couple shots less due to my horrific putting down the stretch), a PERSONAL BEST, as well as my first (and maybe last, who knows)HOLE-IN-ONE (with a witness to testify!), and a couple of other great throws along the way.
Fellas, I have to say, this is quite a day. I need to thank Diggs for getting me started and helping me with my game, as well as the rest of you guys for little pointers and help through your posts. Today is a day I relish the sport...

Keep throwing...

Hey guys, on a literary note, read Orthodoxy by Chesterton if you haven't is incredible...He reminds me of Lewis...He is brilliant.

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Diggs said...

That's awesome! Congrats on a very impressive round

Mid Range King said...
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Mid Range King said...

Holy, Friggen, Crap, Michael--Thats so amazing. It's Nice to end a disc golf round with more goods shots on the day than bad ones.