Thursday, April 26, 2007

Official Notice

I understand I have spoken of moving for quite some time. Such things can often be relegated to dreams and aspirations. For me, this wishlist includes a semester abroad in Austrailia and being an Olympic athlete. Fortunately, it doesn't seem that I will be putting "moving out of the midwest" on the list. I have found a future roommate who is even more motivated than me to move (re: a girl). And so, come this summer, I will more than likely relocate to Charlotte. We have been scouting apartments in the area and I have begun an employment search. Please, don't worry about me; Charlotte is not devoid of disc golf. In fact, I will have four championship level courses to greet me in my new home.

Please understand, I do not dislike the midwest. One of my greatest regrets is that I will not have much opportunity to watch the Hawkeyes or Vikings football games. Nate (my future roommate) will also be missing his Bears. But life is not without sacrifice. And if I must endure ACC football, I will gladly walk through that valley of tribulation. It will be my cross to bear.

Speaking of crosses I bear, I am currently lamenting my disc game. Horrible... just horrible. I am actually glad to have a break from it this weekend. I'll be in the Wisconsin Dells for my friend's bachelor party. There's a chance that it could make the Christmas break party (which I'm assuming some of you may still remember) look like tea with the parents. Pray for me.

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Song of the Week: In honor of Wes's double bass recital... "Hash Pipe" by Weezer (a.k.a. "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini).


Mid Range King said...

or those that don't remember the christmas party.

Sorry I had to say it.

mjbombadil said...

ouch bro...I thought we were keeping that on the DL;)...much love and apologies to the offended parties on that deal. I think we all learned things. Hey Diggs, much love, and the scdga will miss you playing in the sc...come and play when you can bro.

Anonymous said...

You had me confused after the first paragraph, Douglas. I was thinking you were moving WITH a girl! Scandalous- but now I understand. :)
Will you at least remember to visit??

Bryan said...

Charlotte is good. So you are or aren't living with a girl?