Thursday, April 12, 2007

the competitive nature

So, I am also taking the disc golf class and have enjoyed it so far. However, due to my performance in class I have become frustrated. We had a few competitions and I just couldn't do well; I shanked my drive, missed my putt, and overshot my approach (something I never do in actual play).
My does this make me frustrated? Yes it doesn't help my "team", but the real reason is I'm not seen in the real light of my abilities. I get lumped in with the newbies instead of seen as a veteran player. Yes, my skills are lacking, but have been playing since high school. Its frustrating being overlooked becuase I'm not good but not bead enough to warrant help.

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mjbombadil said...

We know you gots the skillz to pay the billz...keep swinging. The game comes and goes. It the the law of undulation the Disc Golf gods use to keep a brother down...

"up your head keep...and chains you shall strike"
~"disc golf" yoda