Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Silverview: Take Two...

And the wind continues to be the bane of all things disc. It seems that everytime I head out for a round to practice my drives, the wind decides to practice being a tornado. You know you probably shouldn't be out playing when you have to power-putt from ten feet out just to avoid the effects of the wind. Meh, I suppose I'll be able to survive. After all, my scores haven't been terrible in spite of the wind.

Really the only other negative part of this round was the loss of a dear friend, the Champ Orc. On any other day, the throw would have been solid, but my arching hyzer was only exacerbated by the wind, pushing her into the woods (and more than likely the stream 10 meters into the woods). I suppose its not a huge loss. If I really need an overstable driver, I always have the Champ Beast. But its the principle of the thing.

But the round went well overall. Highlights included Pappy's great putt-and-approach game, and a drive I parked on a hole covered in vegitation (with a Discraft XL, no less).

Farewell Brave Warrior,

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