Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crazy Week

My arm is going nuts. I only really started playing last week, around Tuesday. I also played Wednesday (the round my roommate Will ditched my disk on). No disk on Thursday, but Friday, with my new Champ Beast in hand, Will and I did a little driving practice and ripped off about 50-60 drives in a relatively short amount of time. I followed that up with rounds on both Saturday and Sunday... oh, and Monday too. Tuesday was a much needed rest for the arm. I picked it up again on Wednesday. Sorry Pappy, I know we were supposed to go, but I couldn't do it after 4, so I went before. I haven't been very kind to the arm lately, and this is my formal apology to it.

But this has resulted in some very appreciated results. I was playing fairly crapily until about Sunday. During that round, a new course for us that was in White Bear Lake, things started coming together. My drive was acceptable, but I started throwing my approaches and putts with more confidence and things started to go much better. Then, come Wednesday, I was pulling about +1 on Acorn's front 9, which for me is a good thing. It was really windy though, and I wasn't able to maintain throughout the entirety of the round, finishing at a respectible +5. An interesting side note... Beilby also played that day, and despite 10 birdies on the day, only finished with a -3 (a testament to the wind conditions that day). That means that our rounds were only an 8 stroke difference. This is a significant difference, to be sure. However, this is much better than the 14 strokes I'd normally calculate to our difference.

I am happy about that...

dream a little dream,

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