Friday, April 07, 2006

Round with the roomie

Ok, so my roommate has been interested in the sport ever since I took him last fall. And so Wednesday, in lieu of a cancelled meeting, we took advantage of the great weather and hit up Acorn. Some parts were quite muddy and the wind was definately affecting the discs, but it was an all-around successful round... until hole 9.

This hole is notorious for claiming wayward discs and has again proven its evil capabilities. I drove without incident (except for landing in a random collection of rain in the middle of the fairway). But my roommate, who had only gone once prior to that round, pulled it high, causing the expected rainbow of a shot that on any other hole would result in heading to the bushes. But to the right of hole 9 is a pond, though I think would be considered a lake in Minnesota (they have to get their 10,000 lakes somehow). Thankfully, I was foreward thinking enough to have given him a Discraft for the day. Though I regret the loss of any disc, my feelings towards a Discraft is less like lossing a best friend and more like putting a dying dog out of his misery. Its unfortunate, but it has lived a long enough life and lacks the ability to do much.

My roommate felt a mite bad about it, though I reassured him that it was just the discs time to go. And unless the discs eventual finder has enough integrity to call the number on the back of the disc, its definately a goner. But he was inconsolable... not really, but he bought me a new disc anyways. To replace the Discraft Crush (which ironically replace my Pro Starfire), he bought me a Champ Beast. I think I came out ahead on the deal

Dream a little dream,

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