Thursday, April 06, 2006

Highlights of Silverview

On Tuesday, Digs, Myself (the mid range king) and my significant other went for a disc golf outing. I decided to try out a new course for us all. Silverview, in Mounds View, MN. It's a short little 9 hole course. Great scenery, beautiful disc catchers, and challenging pin placements. I enjoyed myself. I could have played a little better but overall for it being my second offical outing of the spring. I was happy.


Diggs said...

Significant other?... Oh, you mean your girlfriend! Gotcha. Yeah, it was a good time. Hey, let me know if you want to go again this weekend. I think I may be going on Sunday to Acorn, but if you can go Friday or Saturday, we should do another new one.

Mid Range King said...

we'll see. this weekend sucks for me.