Sunday, April 02, 2006

1st Tourney...?

Alright, so I was bored this weekend and was looking around the PDGA event boards and a tournament came up for next weekend. The biggest drawback to this tourney is that its in Des Moines. However, it is on a Saturday and we also know people in Ames, if not within Des Moines itself. The great thing about this one is that its a doubles tournament that takes place in two rounds. The first is a best disc, kind of like the one we played with Delzell, Harcum and Hott Todd this fall. The second round has the team throw alternatively, one then the other. We could play in the intermediate bracket ($40/team) or a recreational bracket ($20/team).

My preference would be the recreational bracket, but that's just me. If both of you want to go, I'm sure we could pick up a fourth somewhere. Anyways, the schedule for the trip would probably look like this:

Friday: leave for Ames/Des Moines and hang out for the night
Saturday: leave early for registration in Des Moines w/ a 10am tee-time
after the tourney we head back to Ames and hang out w/ our respective friends
or we can hang out in Des Moines
or even leave to head back to the Cities
Sunday: if not already back, bust it back home

Let me know if you'd be up for it.

Keep Truckin'

p.s. we are in double digits for posts already!


Mid Range King said...

this comming weekend or the next??? what are the dates?

Diggs said...

Yeah, this weekend. I know its relatively short notice... well, its actually very short notice. But let me know if you're up for it

Mid Range King said...

sorry bro. I want to. but I have to work both fri and sat