Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tourney Week: Double the Fun

If you hadn't caught the pattern here, our tournament season is punctuated by events about every month or so.  We started at Doane and continued at Acorn.  The next couple events will be change ups to our regularly scheduled programming.  MRK and yours truly will be joining forces for the Minnesota Majestic's Amateur Doubles tourney this week before the 2nd Annual Cold Lampin' Disc Weekend in July.  Unfortunately, neither MRK or myself will be able to play the actual Majestic individual tournament.  Employment requirements preclude such joys for me.  It would have been nice to get in another A-Tier event on the calendar.  No matter, we roll doubles!

In complete honesty, this is probably the tourney that precipitated the beginning of our tourney careers.  I find a certain comfort and confidence in playing with the King.  I've known this kid's game since he rolled with ultimate discs on the course; I was there when he found his first disc the Panther (no joke, his first disc was a find); and we have continued to develop our games throughout the years.  I have a firm idea of his tendencies, his capacities and his mental game.

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And knowing his game as I do, I understand where our games intersect, where we are weak, and where we compliment each other.  And we compliment each other well.  First, though, are our weaknesses.  After all, there's a reason we haven't competed much before, and there is a reason when we compete, we compete as amateurs.  And beyond our usual weaknesses, we will find no distinction between amateurs.  Normally, we would play the intermediate division, however in doubles, the distinction is only between amateurs and pros.  Therefore, we will be playing pairs of advanced folks as well as intermediates.  Beyond that, MRK has only played the course once or twice, and that is once or twice more than me.  Course exposure is low, and nobody likes to throw a tourney course blind.  Oh well, such is life.  Add to that the lack of driving distance and putting consistency we both tend to share in tourneys and I would ask that you temper expectations for this one.  Not likely to take the W on Thursday.

And on to the positives.  With us not being much for contenders, the King and I can take a true Cold Lampin' style to the course.  And while we do not share pro-level skills in any level of the game, that don't mean we ain't got SOME game.  I'm pretty streaky in tournaments.  I've been fortunate so far, but that does not necessarily promise to hold true.  But regardless of my streak, I know MRK has the balance.  He's been pretty consistent for the most part.  And when I feel the pucker, Paps has that smooth stroke.  I've been fairly descent on my tourney putts this year and King has been practicing quite a bit this year.  I have good saves and they don't call him the Mid-Range King for nothing.  Between the two of us, we have a fairly solid game.  I know that with him throwing first, I can trust his drive, allowing me to rip a more adventurous toss.

I'm excited for this one.  I get to play a round with a dear friend and I don't have to try to beat him.  Let's have a good time, hey?


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Mid Range King said...

I to want to echo the blogger's sentiment as this will be a memorable event nonetheless. Correction if I may...I found my dear Puma not panther. But yes it changed my outlook on a sport that at the time was a mere activity and not a lifestyle to say the least. Thank You dear puma for pouncing on me.