Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pause for Station Identification

I know that our intent and expansive readership is eagerly awaiting a recap from last Thursday's tournament, but unfortunately, I am out of town sans the internet on a work-related trip.  Thus, instead of rushing out a post, I thought I'd hold off and throw one up later.  Though from three days before the tourney, let me tell you it was a great time!

As it is, I wouldn't mind floating an idea by ya'll.  As it is, we have a few members of the Cold Lampin' family.  We've been playing together for years.  We enjoy each others company, rare though it is these days.  As I figure it, we are a fully legit club.  Would anyone be up for looking into club swag?  I got the idea after throwing together a custom disc for my wedding party.  I know MRK has done the same thing for his.  Why don't we have a custom disc of our own?  And if not a disc, a shirt or a towel or some other business.  You know... to remember the homies.  I don't know about pricing or anything, but if we're interested, I'm sure we can work something out that is affordable for all.  And if not this year, we can look into the future for options.  But the short and skinny of it is that I have always appreciated you folk.  When I think of disc golf, I often think of ya'll.  And I would like to have a memento as our hokey pokey cuz that's what its all a-bout.


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