Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Squish the Bug

This is the time of the year when I think about how horrible I am at disc golf; it is also the time that I think about getting a bit better.  With the weather hampering any productive rounds, our only solace is to watch others do what we love.  In spending too much time watching disc golf youtube movies, I am usually able to pick up one or two things I notice one more more of the pros doing that I think can be useful to my game.

This year my focus is something I've known I've needed to work on for awhile, the pivot.  Since becoming a RHBH thrower, I have recognized the importance of a good pivot in transferring energy.  And muscle memory being what it is, I naturally reverted to the technique of a baseball swing.  As I was instructed as a wee lad, one should step and "squish the bug," rotating on the ball of my foot.

So that's what I've been doing.  But I've noticed a significant problem with it.  The torque created on my knee is creating structural problems at my tender old age.  This became problematic enough for me to start using a knee brace for the rest of the year following an unfortunate experience at the Des Moines Challenge.  I needed to find a way to take pressure off the knee as I throw.

I've also noticed that none of the pros pivot on the balls of their feet.  As they pivot, they plant perpendicular to where they throw (similar to me), but they will then shift weight to the heel to pivot before shifting their weight forward again for the finish.

So that's what I'm hoping to do this spring.  If I change any one technique this year, it will be the pivot.  I'm not entirely certain this will completely alleviate the knee problems, but it sure can't stay the way it is now.  Let us hope that my knee will stay healthy enough to avoid the brace as much as possible.  It is SUPER annoying!


P.S. Sorry for the late article.  At least it isn't well written!

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