Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Geographical Goals for 2014

I realized the other week that I had yet to fully update the course map page.  In doing so, I noticed that the Cold Lampin' Crew has now tallied 79 courses across 15 states.  I was very impressed!  Well done, gents!

But I was not terribly satisfied.  Maybe a case of OCD is creeping in, but 79 courses looks to me like a crooked number.  Let's straighten it out a bit.  Hear and accept!  The goal for the 2014 disc golf season is for our cohort to top 100 courses!  That means that between the lot of us, we will need to add a total of 21 courses, or nearly a 25% increase in our current number.  A daunting task to be sure.  But here's where things get possible...

The King has already spoken to me of a number of new courses he has already put on his docket to play.  Between that and any new courses he may play at tourneys this year, I imagine he could easily add 6-7 himself.  In addition, with my new digs in a relatively unexplored area of the country, I think I could easily find 10 new courses around here to hit up at least once.  Two in particular catch my eye, and others around seem promising.  Let's call that 17 total.  If we can find just four more courses, we're there.

Let's do it, gentlemen!  Join the quest to 100 courses!

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