Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cold Lampin' Weekend # 3: Preview and random thoughts

At the moment of this post hitting the internet we will be about 30 or so hours from beginning the next greatest disc golf adventure.  We are about to embark on our (count it) third annual Cold Lampin' disc golf weekend, never mind that this year it takes place over a Monday-Wednesday. I dare say that this years trip will be our best yet.  The anticipation has been mounting for months as we finalized our plans to head back to the place we dreamed about in high school. A place where the disc golf weekends started....the legendary Disc Golf Mecca. Highbridge Hills.

A place where one day there will be ten 18 hole courses set upon the single property.  Located in the middle of nowhere close to the shores of Lake Michigan in Northern Wisconsin. Five brave souls will embark on a journey that will undoubtedly strengthen our friendship but also test our disc golf abilities.  It is an area that is unforgiving, arrant throws will be punished with extra shots.  But the one golfer who dares challenge the likes of Highbridge Gold will wind up with the greatest prize. A golden trident that Poseidon tossed out of the Great Lake only to never have it return.

Let's meet our team shall we (Channel your inner Lord of the Rings creation of the Fellowship in Rivendell) Our newest member although he's no stranger to Highbridge. He hales from the great state of Nebraska and from what I hear from Diggs is ripping a pretty sweet hyzer these days. Mr. Josh Van Roekel or Jiggs as he's known on the blog. Second, we have our local Wisconsinite an Iowa transplant, Mr. Andy Harcum. Rounding out the middle of our card is a guy who seems to either have "much tree love" or somehow, somewayrrrr over the rainbow finds a way to sink a couple of impossible shots from great lengths. It's Marshal, MN's own Wes Myers. This next SCDGA team member needs no introduction, he's this years leader of the trip and a great history at this complex. The winner of the first ever trophy round golden "money" putter. He's making the trip from the Greater Omaha area it's Douglas "Diggs" Walters. Then rounding out the card....thank goodness there are five lines on a score card. I'm gonna keep it humble now...actions speak louder than words as Relient K once sung. Heading out from the Granite Falls, MN area and the resident Mid Range King, Chris Pappadackis.

Now that the team is assembled here's what you can look forward to per the itinerary that was mailed out. We are looking at playing a ton of golf. Hopefully you have been working your arms and legs. It's gonna be long days/nights most likely. We are looking at playing around two courses per day. Blueberry Hill ( missed that one last time...heard great things). Followed by The Bear, Highbridge Gold, Granite Ridge, Chestnut Grove, Woodland Greens/Whitetail.  All great courses and a few surprise challenges along the way.

Random Thoughts portion.....Looking forward to defending my trophy from last year. Can't wait to spend many hours in the car to get there. Sleeping in a place with running water will be amazing. I am putting the handicap at 4 for total discs lost as a group this weekend. I'm hoping to lose this bet and it be zero. There's a bear den on The Bear course. I'm gonna par the longest hole in the world...mark that on the calendar.

Safe travels and see you at the Mecca.


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