Friday, March 15, 2013

Snow, Ice, More Snow, More Ice, and DGTR

Well it's March now and I don't know about you but the weather her in Minnesota has never really bothered me. I for the most part have enjoyed the cold, snow, ice school cancellations  ect. for many years. That was until this year. It is this year that I now have a 35-40 minute commute to work one way (on rural county roads mind you).  So now that old man winter has been rearing his big bald head for the past four months, I am starting to become a cynical old man in my old 27 years of age. I can's stand driving in snowy hazardous conditions. I mean who really does anyway....but this winter has been notorious for blizzard warnings...freezing rain...old fashioned snow storms.

Back to my commute, I have lots to time to prepare for or decompress from school while making the trip. I usually tend to listen to a variety of podcasts and not the radio.  The podcasts range from Paul Allen and Dan  Barreiro's shows on Twin Cities Radio 100.3 KFAN, MLB Networks show Intentional Talk, to Gleeman and the Geek where two crazy guys drink beer and talk about the Minnesota Twins very entertaining by the way.  But the reason I am writing this post is to share with everyone one podcast that has seemed to help curb my desire to disc golf while the snow flies her in Minnesota.

It's put out on a website called DGTR short for Disc Golf Talk Radio. Here are my thoughts on the podcast side of the website. I'm gonna play on a top ten list idea I thought of. Think of it like this on the course you want to avoid bogeys, shoot for pars, and strive for birdies so I will give you my thoughts based on that concept.

Par: This podcast is centered around disc golf. It's created by Steve Huebner who seems like a pretty sweet guy from what I have listened to.  In addition to Steve, Terry Miller....aka The Disc Golf Guy is also one of the main hosts of the shows they put on.

Birdie: The show is a talk naturally there are no annoying commercials...just talk about disc golf...usually the podcasts are an hour or so

Bogey: Don't go expecting this to be a podcast that you will find on ESPN or something. Although its like a normal sports talk radio show with sounders and in game highlights. It has just enough of professionalism to allow me to not pull my hair out.

Par: The show really has no script and isn't sponsored by one dominate company and therefore doesn't focus on certain disc companies or players a la a certain sports network on the east coast. (P.S. I love watching sports on it)

Birdie: Real time interviews with current pro players that are out on tour. Some of my favorites that I have heard so far include: the interviews with Chuck Kennedy, Will , Steve Dodge (of Vibram), Jay the "Yeti" Redding, and the Let's talk: Pay to play.

Birdie: Found out from the latest interview from the Memorial Champions: Paige Pierce and Will Schusterick that the rest of the Prodigy line of discs will be out by Summers start. Again...kinda intrigued about the new company

Par: Some of questions Terry and Steve ask come straight from the listeners or people from the forum the website runs during the interviews. Sweet way for fans to participate in the shows.

Bogey: Many times during the shows Steve tends to awkwardly pass the "baton" so to speak to Terry to ask the more in depth disc golf questions to guests.

Par: Usually at the end of the interviews the players have a chance to share what type of plastic they are throwing and who their sponsors are. It's one of my favorite parts of the whole show.

There you have it: 9 "holes" worth of reasons to take a mosey on over to DGTR and check out what they have to offer. You can find them on Facebook and twitter too.  Like I mentioned earlier, it has been a breath of fresh air to listen to guys who are passionate about disc golf and wanna talk about it. I equate it to the same enthusiastic spirit I have for this blog. If you have some free time or long car rides coming up take a listen.

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Harky said...

Sweet post. I actually know Terry Miller. I have played with him a little and have attended some of his Milwaukee events. Pretty cool guy. Definitely knows his stuff.