Friday, March 08, 2013

2012 Disc Golf Season Personal Reflection Part 2

After spending most of last Saturday afternoon watching the conclusion of The Memorial Championship on the internet, I was motivated to complete a post that was meant to drop last Friday. For the second part of my reflection of 2012 I want to focus on the courses I was able to play this year.

 Last I checked I totaled out playing 13 courses. Compare that with previous years 2009 - 9, 2010 - 6, and 2011 - 12. Thirteen courses when I look back at it now seems crazy considering I now have lived in an area where to go to a decent course with at least 18 baskets I have to travel over an hour one way. Now of those 13 courses I played last year 8 of them were courses I have never played before. Details after the jump.

 The new courses I have added to my new courses played list are the Doane College DGC, Lagoon Park DGC, Lions Park I, Robbins Island DGC, and Slumberland DGC, Lincoln Park - North, Lincoln Park - South, and Douglas Park .

Here is my complete list of which courses I played and how many total rounds I kept mid-westerners know that if you don't play all winter you need a few "spring training" rounds in you before you feel confident and ready to keep score...usually by May I am dialed in and keeping score.

Acorn DGC - Roseville, MN - 4
Blue Ribbon Pines - East Bethel, MN - 2
Bryant Lake DGC - Eden Prairie, MN - 1
*Doane College - Crete, NE - 2
*Douglas Park - Springfield, IL - 1
Hyland Ski & Snowboard DGC - Bloomington, MN - 1
*Lagoon Park DGC - Montevideo, MN - 9
*Lincoln Park - North - Springfield, IL -1
*Lincoln Park - South - Springfield, IL - 1
*Lions Park I - Shakopee, MN - 1
*Robbins Island DGC - Willmar, MN - 5
*Slumberland DGC - Watertown, SD - 1
SMSU DGC - Marshall, MN - 4
* = New Courses Played

So if my math serves me correct I count 33 total rounds. I wish the number was higher but I was busy most of the summer with baseball and various other endeavors so 33 is a good number to have. I can only hope to improve upon that this coming year.

 That being said, I absolutely enjoyed my time spent on the course this summer. I learned a lot about my game both the mental and physical aspect of it.  I learned that if I don't practice or at least play regularly...I get rusty pretty bad. Lucky for me I have a practice basket so my putting didn't completely leave me. But my distance and accuracy was hit or miss all season. I didn't matter the course or time of year. My short game greatly improved due to the fact that most of the courses around me are mid-range drives and putts to finish them off...not too many true par fours.

  I also hope to get  a few course reviews out on the various courses that I will play this summer so look forward to seeing reviews of Lagoon Park, Robbins Island, and the new Granite Falls rec course that just went in the ground in November.

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