Friday, July 27, 2012

Cold Lampin' Weekend: BRP Prize

I am sure there will be a few more posts on this memorable weekend in which this Cold Lampin' Blogging community gathered for this past weekend (July 19-22).  I will simply share one aspect of it from my point of view. We have a tradition on these weekends that I have enjoyed these past few years and that is to put up one disc for grabs that will go to the winner of one round. The idea came while watching oddly enough golf... Tradition dictates that the previous years Masters tournament winner places the famous Green jacket on the new winner. Likewise, the previous year winner buys the disc for the following year.  These last two years they have been won while playing on what we would call the signature courses of the areas where we are playing.  This year a beautiful course nestled north of the Twin Cities in East Bethel, MN known as BRP or Blue Ribbon Pines. See My Course Review from a few years back here.

The disc this year is a special BRP edition SUPER color print (shown below) of the signature hole here at Blue Ribbon Pines. It's hole number 4 with beautiful pine trees stationed along the fairway.  In person it is a very intimidating hole. A 444 foot par 4 with OB on the left.  It takes in my opinion three great shots to give you a chance at a par.

Five amazing competitors were on hand competing for the coveted BRP disc and in my opinion we all put on quite a show for ourselves. Since it was just ourselves that were knowing what was truly going on. To see the score card for the round check it out here . I can say that I believe that we all had amazing highs and lows during this round of 27 holes.  That many holes takes a lot out of a person and playing for a prize adds to that "pressure."  Like Diggs mentioned in his post we all wanted to do well and to the best of our ability and I believe I did just that this weekend especially at BRP.  I would say that I have the most experience playing this course although that just means I've played it maybe 2 more times than the rest.

Pro's for me on this round include the following:
-Getting a circle 6 on hole 4. (It's my best career score on this hole...I'll take it for now)
-Birdieing Holes 8 & 9 two shortest holes on the course.
-Throwing over 300 ft on 18 the "driving range" hole and then paring all 750 feet of it. (which is still 575 feet short of Hole 8 at Highbridge)
-3 Birdies Total on the day that's 1/9th of the course. :P
-Huking a score under 100
Con's for me on this round include the following:
*Going OB four times for the round
*Leaving my Orange Blizzard Destroyer on hole 13 somewhere in the forest and then returning to find it gone already.
*Missing a couple of birdie chances
*Throwing my DX Destoryer into the creek on hole 27.               May she Rest in Piece. 

OH YEA one more PRO: Winning the SUPER Color Buzz!!

It was a hard fought battle. I want to thank my competitors for pushing me to play my best and I thank you for the new disc that will be hanging prominently in my man-cave now. You are all welcome to come and look at it whenever you would like. Seriously, it was so much fun to just play with old friends again winning the disc was just icing on the cake.

**To see other score cards from this weekend and previous Cold Lampin' weekends take a look at the new page we have created. Two easy ways to get there. Simply scroll to the upper right of the page and click on the Stats and Stuff page or follow this link.

MRK out...

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