Sunday, May 31, 2009

Course Spotlight: Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf Club

The time has come for a course review, "up in this place." I recently had the opportunity to play a course that we in this blog world have talked about playing for a long time. No it's not a Hybridge course seeing that's in Wisconsin. It happens to be a course that is located about thirty minutes north of the cities off of Hwy 65 in East Bethel, MN. Believe it or not it is located on a sod farm. So the grass is greener than a golf course in Nevada. Let me just say it's nice. Ladies and Gentleman I give you:
Yes, beautiful BLUE RIBBON PINES DISC GOLF CLUB. Here is a few lovely facts provided by ( )Check it out for yourself

Course was established in 2006.
This course has 27 holes for a par of 88
Pay to Play $5 to play all day long. IT'S WORTH IT!

Opinion: at a glance:
*I only played one round.
*Next time it's gonna be a day trip.
*Bring a Snack lunch and some liquids be it dew or an ale of some sort. (my suggestion is gatorade) cause your gonna need it.
*Don't let the idea that the Minnesota Majestic is played here to be the deciding factor that you aren't good enough to play it. Big missconception. The course is very playable to the average player.

I've seen some people break down the course by holes and give you their opinion on it. I could do that but I'm not for a couple of reasons which you can already guess. Yep 27 holes. That should say it. So I will give you some of my highlights.


Saturday May 9th was the day, and about 9AM in the morning. I got word of some friends from Bethel were embarking to play at Blue Ribbon Pines or BRP from here on out. I was pumped to hear that some of my friends were going to play this that I had to invite myself along. So I did. I brought along my roommate Danny D for the occasion too. As we were driving there my stomach began to get very tense and nervous.

After stepping inside the clubhouse and seeing that it's setup just like a regular ball golf course with a small pro shop, cash register, food and beverages. I began to settle down a bit. My group consisted of eight players split up into two groups for speeds sake. Which allowed us to move at a steady "non-rushed" pace. (Oh and nobody ever begins to play a hole when you are playing...the respect you there)

Here's My Score for the Round I played:
Par 88
King 100

It's was a great course to experience. Lots of technical holes that are very parable if you play controlled and think one shot ahead. I believe it's called course management.

Well if you want more info call me and let's go play it. I heard they re-worked a few holes and they are amazing.

Until then....

the King is out on the course

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