Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missionary work for Disc Golf

I have felt that it is a calling for the disc golf community to create new disciples. We must introduce them to the game, help to lead them past the early issues of the developing disc golfer, and eventually create a new convert who can, in turn, create other new disc golfers.
It may be lame to create such a comparison to organuzed religion, but it draws from the truth.

One of my new friends in Marshall, Kyle, has recently been introduced to the game by my suggestion. We played on the course at SMSU and shared my discs. I tried to keep him to the midrange discs but also let him have a go with the drivers to see how they work (even when they aren't thrown properly). Well... he has become a full blown addict! Kyle played the last 4 days in a row, bought 5 discs the day after we played, and has been loving it. Activites have included playing rounds of disc golf, driving range in an open field, and perusing the wonders of

His conversion reminds me of another friend from the cities to whom I shared the good news of disc golf. His name is Danny and he is easily a better disc golfer than me and was so after a few months. Not to be selfish, but I hope in that regard we don't have a repeat conversion experience.


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