Monday, July 16, 2012

Cold Lampin' Weekend Countdown

Ladies and gentlemen...

Boys and girls...

The 2nd Annual Cold Lampin' Disc Weekend is upon us!  I am Diggs, your friendly Cold Lampin' tour guide, here to take you through all the ins and outs of the GREATEST DAMN WEEKEND OF YOUR LIFE!!!  It'll be challenging and exhausting and you will swear at innate objects at some point during the trip.  But it'll be worth it!  Oh... and it is in a week.

And now, some quick summaries of important details...

This year's escapade takes place in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (for a synopsis of last year's weekend to Highbridge, WI, please refer to our highbridge tags).  With the economy continuing to be a petulant child, as are those who help manage it, proximity and cost were huge factors.  Twin Cities meets these criteria, as does the over-riding expectation of outstanding disc golf.  The Twin Cities boasts a vast array of disc opportunities suited to players of all skills.  If you are someone who has not had an chance to enjoy this area, make the chance.

Players (in reverse alphabetical nicknames):
URBWes - The surly senior statesman of our intrepid troupe, URBWes picked up this disc business with the rest of us old balls before the WTC fell.  Also like the rest of us, it took a couple years before URB truly settled into how to play the sport.  His frenetic and spasmotic release of the past has recently chilled to a much smoother delivery, and URB is now pushing to make a run of it this year.

Mid Range King - A newer member of the governing body of the sport, MRK has a solid PDGA rating, a number that proves he knows his plastic.  MRK displays solid ability in most phases of the game, but most notably, the recent purchase of a practice basket has had a demonstrable effect on his short game.  MRK is a formidable player among the attendees

Harky - Our dark star, Harky was unable to attend last year's revelry due to a last minute conflict.  Harky promises to be present this year.  As none of us has played with Harky in recent years, he is a bit of an unknown, a wild card.  This weekend affords Harky an opportunity to show his quality.

Diggs -  Quite simply, he's the balls.

BroLo El Cunado - My brother-in-law (which is what el cunado means), he enjoyed last year so much he decided to come this year as well, as masochistic as that is.  He's actually not a terrible player, relying on his strength and athleticism to win the day.  Spoiler: it won't.

Proposed Schedule (possibles in parens):
Hyland Ski Course - Location of the Minny Majestic doubles tourney.  This course is horrible if you are out of shape, but provides a different style of course than most of us are used to.

Bryant Lake - Another pay-to-play, paying for our discing will end up being a motif of the weekend.  None of us have played this one yet, a reason it is on the list.

(Acorn Park) - Our home course for some time, this is our measuring stick, allowing us to have some sense of where our game has gone.  It'll be nice to introduce this course to those who have yet to play it.

Blue Ribbon Pines - What we consider the premier course of the area, this 27 hole monster will eat up our whole day.  In the morning, we will play a combo of doubles/triples depending on how everyone is feeling.  If we have all 5 members, we will have a group of 2 facing a group of 3.  If we are down to four players, simple doubles.  Formats for either will include any or all of the following: best disc, worst disc, alt shot.  This will help familiarize the course to the new folks because in the afternoon, we hit the course again, this time for keeps.  The prize is a super color print Buzzz displaying BRP's iconic hole 4 tunnel shot.  Shoot true, gents.

(Acorn Park) or (Bethel U, Kaposia, The Valley DGC) - Acorn WILL be played.  It is just a matter of Friday or Sunday.  If we fit it in Friday, we will have the opportunity to head to either our alma mater, or two very solid and wonderful courses around the area.

In the end, we hope to play 54 holes Friday, 54 holes Saturday, and 18-27 holes Sunday for a potential total of 135 holes in ~48 hours.  Get your rest folks...

You're going to need it!


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