Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Disc-ussion: "One, Little Trick..."

BryJohn isn't much of a disc golfer.  Never really was.  Sure, he had played from time to time at the local camp course (re: designed for the young), but outside of a round or two, nothing that would be considered substantial.  Yet, being the great friend that he is, wanted to be party to the Disc Weekend that was my bachelor party last year.

Think back to when you first picked up a golf disc.  The way you threw it like an ultimate disc, and the way it went the wrong way.  The transition is difficult in the best of times, much less at the courses at Highbridge.  But being a good athlete, he soldiered on.  Then, about half way through the Granite Ridge round, I offered a small bit of advice.  Instead of letting it ride the rim, try tucking your index finger underneath the rim.  The result was instantaneous.  BryJohn's drives instantly gained 50 ft, and the resulting technique helped him figure out some other little things he could do to make his game better.

Such a small thing.

Bend one finger and throw 50 ft farther.

For me it was the transition from an untrained backhand to a forehand... then back to a better trained backhand.  Or seeing how competent golfers putted.  Or (and here was a thought), planning the natural fade of a disc into my shot preparation.

We all have those little techniques that have made a world of difference in our game.

Now's your turn...  Tell us of a specific change that you have made to your game and tell us how it impacted you.

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