Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Off the Course: Horsey History

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to reconnect with a friend of the blog as he brought his newly hatched heir back 'round these here parts so the in-laws could catch a glimpse of the lad.  After a round at Des Moines' Ewing Park DGC, we headed out for some smooth craft brew because (as we all know) that's how we roll.

We take a seat at the bar with our rounds and catch up.  This gentleman lives more than a hop, skip and a jump away after all.  As it turns out, the Kentucky Derby was gearing up as we were settling into our spots.  The Kentucky Derby as you likely know is the kick off event of the big three American horse races that constitute the Triple Crown.  It is akin to a major in golf.  As they parade the horses with their diminutive riders, we happened to look up just in time to catch the name of a particular horse, I'll Have Another.  And as we were a couple in by this point, we thought the moniker serendipitous considering, you know, we were at a bar.  Besides, with the odds they were giving him, we offered that the owner would likely want to have another after what could only promise to be a back-of-the-pack performance.

We were focused on Union Rags, one of the favorites throughout the first turn.  That is until we realized that at the back of the pack, he had no shot.  With nominal interest in the event, we watched the rest unfold.  It is horse racing after all.  Then, coming down the backstretch, here comes our man I'll Have Another storming up to take the derby.  The bar erupts in exuberant exaltation.  ... Because apparently everyone loves horse racing.

Fast forward some time.  I'll Have Another wins the Preakness (don't ask me what a preakness is) in dazzling fashion, beating out Bodemeister at the last possible moment.  It actually is a remarkable race.  Also remarkable is that Bodemeister is the same horse he beat out to win the Derby.  Must suck to have rocked both races only to fail at the end.

The final race of the thoroughbred Triple Crown is Belmont.  Should I'll Have Another take this one down as well, we will have us a Triple Crown winner, ladies and gentlemen.  "Why is this significant?" you may be asking.  After all... who actually cares about horse racing (spoiler: rich people)?  It is significant because there has not been a Triple Crown winner IN MY LIFETIME!  The infrequency with which such honors are earned is worthy of at least a passing mention.  And since there is no reason on God's green earth I would actually have this conversation with an actual person, I share it with you.

Hope ya'll are doin' well.  I am now in Utah getting my Mormon on.  Later.


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