Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Before & After

In a couple days, I will be heading to the Twin Cities on a mission trip. Therefore, the importance of brevity precludes my complete address of the Highbridge trip at this time. That being said, "Whoa! That was an awesome trip!"

I wanted to review the anticipatory poll put up in June. The question: Which Highbridge course are you most looking forward to playing? The options included the Bear, Woodland Green, Blueberry, Granite Ridge, Highbridge Gold, and the night course. Highbridge Gold won, receiving two votes, Woodland Green received one; and the Bear received one, though if I heard it right, the one who voted for the Bear quickly reversed his vote upon playing it.

This month, we will revisit the trip, inquiring what course you most enjoyed playing. As you may have noticed, our list is demonstrably shorter. Appears as if our eyes were bigger than our arms, or more accurately our timetable. Please think back on it, decide based on experience, layout, etc.

We'll backtrack the trip together (seems I'm not the only one interested in writing up the trip). Harcum, we missed you. You are required to go with us next time! I'm out!


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URBWes said...

Agreed a thousand times over. I hope you spend some time after your mission trip to give us a longer description of your thoughts.