Saturday, July 09, 2011

Highbridge: Disc Golf Mecca

I am supremely looking forward to everyone's thoughts that are forthcoming. I has taken a little while to decompress and really look back at the experience, and I'm happy to share my thoughts now. My immediate reaction in the days after Digg's greatest bachelor party ever was one of suprise. I was taken aback at the actual size of these courses and the skill necessary to have an enjoyable round. I would suggest that anyone visiting the "Disc Golf Mecca" be prepared to be challenged both physically and mentally.

My home course is one of easy pars and open fields. In tha days leading up to our trip I had become complacent and satisfied with my game. I felt I had a high level of accuracy and a decent amount of distance to my drives. I have never had a "big arm" but I thought I was pushing my distance farther with every round. Our first encounter with the Woodland Bear dashed those misconceptions like so many eggs upon a rock.

The Bear requires pinpoint accuracy and distance to spare. I spent the next several hours searching the woods throw after throw. Though I wasn;t the only one, I felt that all my years of playing the game had been for nought. However, through this great humbling experience, I found a new love for my Teebird.

I was already throwing my beloved fire engine red on tight shots at home, but the Bear forced me to turn to it for each and every drive. I shortened up my reach back and aimed for the fareway and started seeing some results. By the time we reached the Woodland hills holes that were used to substitue the unplayable Bear holes I was regaining my confidence.

Still, the experienced affected my entire trip. I couldn't get a decent grip on any disc and I was second guessing my release with every drive. It wasn't until Gold that I stopped messing with my grip and just started tossing the disc.

Looking back, I wasn't prepared for the trip. I wasn;t ready for the blow my confidence would take, but I truly made strides coming back. I've changed my focus on drives in a way that has made me more accurate and smooth. I'm finally leading with ther hips and throwing further (not by a ton, but I still haven't reincorporated the reach back). My putting is extremely solid and I'm looking forward to continuing my improvement over the summer.

Most importantly, I had a great time with great people. I can think of no better way to celebrate with Diggs than with some of the best, most challenging disc golf I have ever played.


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