Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Course Review

Today I took my roommate, Nathan, disc golfing with his newly purchased discs. We decided to find a course near the Sporting Goods store where he bought his "disc value pack" (yes I heartily endorse Fairway Flyers but he wanted the three-disc set which actually is a little chaper even with the Bethel discount).
I found a course just up the road from where I work and we set to playing all 12 holes provided by the park. From the beginning I knew this was going to be a decent park. Aside from the usual false start (we played hole 10 first), the course was well laid out. The end of each hole was followed by a sign pointing to the next one which had distance and approximate direction of the hole. The paths were well designated and bridges were in place to aid during the wetter season. The course weaves around a creek which poses some water hazard, but not much especially in the middle of summer. The entire course lay within the woods which was enjoyable as opposed to an open course which would quickly take the fun out of playing in 90 degree weather. Though the course was wooded, the trees proved navigable (though did present some challenge).
The holes offered a decent variety of dog-leg rights and lefts as well as some straight shots. One hole was 675 feet, but most were simple par threes. I spent the majority of m time with my mid-range discs but enjoyed the many skill shots needed to hit par.
Overall, the course was very enjoyable for it's easy to understand layout (as opposed to many courses such as white bear), decent walking paths, and tricky shots. However, the course may become boring with multiple plays due to it's lack of long shots and fairly manageable hazards. If you are in the cities I suggest giving the course a try, but it will harly become the stand-by course that acorn is for me.



Diggs said...

Hey URBWes, what's the name of the course?

URBWes said...

Plymouth Creek park. Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to think no one read my post.

Diggs said...

Of course I read your posts... I bug you enough about 'em that I better read 'em. No, I've just been without internet access in my apartment.