Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Dirty South

What up SCDGA! I found a way to pirate a little internet from my apartment, so hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more.

As you can imagine, quite a bit has changed for me in the past month or so. Too much to really discuss here, so let's just stick to the discs. My new town, Charlotte, is replete with disc golfing opportunities. Unfortunately, I have been afforded little time to get out on the links. I work most days anymore. In fact, today's the only day I have off for a week on either side. I also don't know any other discers in the area, and as I consider disc a strictly social venture, I have little desire to go solo.

I have not been fasting, however. I recently visited Augusta, GA to visit a friend. I was super excited to do so. Not just to visit my friend, but because the PDGA headquarters is in Augusta. My friend humored me and we visited the course closest to his house. Little did I know that the course had hosted a world championship a while back. I also had the chance to hit up the Ren, a local course of legend, before the constraints of employment hampered my free time. The Ren had also recently hosted a world championship.

Perhaps I will go into specifics on these courses at a later time, but rest assured that these courses were not chosen for championships on accident. The Ren, in particular, humbled and humiliated me. I was rattled to my very foundations. In exasperation, I became reclusive, avoiding that which had given me joy.

I have since meditated upon my shortcomings and return with a vigor not often found amongst people of our generation. It is a drive that manifests itself in the core of the being. Then, almost brooding, it grows into a violent castrophany that tests the malleability of the soul, finally promulgating itself in only inaudible ways. An expression in idyllic form of the beauty that is our charge as the benefactors of our glorious sport.

With my newfound vitality,

I seek mere perfection.

Gentlemen, I have returned.


Song of the Week: "Life is Beautiful" by Vega4


Holli said...

Did you visit Sam?!
Hope all is well!

Bryan said...

A new city, woman, job, apartment - and you still focus 100% on disc-golf. I admire your persistence, my friend.

URBWes said...

Wow, it affected you to the point of causing diarrhea of the mouth. That last paragraph leaves little to the imagination. Seek help my friend!