Friday, July 27, 2007

Heat + Discing = Manliness

Hey Bros...It has been a little while, but I thought I would stop in and report that it is HOT discing in Sioux City. Me and my homeboy Sean went the other day for three rounds in the morning, and it was muggy. We sweat profusely, and the pair of us could have been smelled on distant courses (Vermillion called and told us to take a shower). You all are probably experiencing similar heat in your respective necks of woods (?), but I am here to say suck it up! Get out there! Stretch the arm! Report back to your favorite website about all of the fun you had.
I lost an eagle to the infamous woodpile during our endeavors, but a high school dude found it the next day and gae me a call...there are still saints out there. It is amazing to me how many things are a reflection of our spirituality, so let me take a moment to over-spiritualize the sport here. I found one of Diggs' discs last week, shortly before he made his trek out to the east side. The extreme east side. Of our country. I want to confess that my darkness is so profound, still so easily at-hand, that I actually considered keeping it. A friend's disc. It would have been easy to do so...I could have just waited until he left and then told him I found it, or never told him at all for that matter. I even started rationalizing it and telling myself that it was an acceptable act (Screwtape chirping in my ear). It is incredible how easily tempted I was to do such a petty, but such an obviously wrong thing. It is apparent that I have a long ways to go. Diggs and I never ended up connecting before he left, and I will hold on to it and not play with it if it is your desire Diggs. Sorry we couldn't connect, but even more so: I am sorry I even considered doing so evil a deed to a friend. I am stunned at my own capacity for wrong. I, plainly, still am in need of a good deal of saving.

I heard somewhere that confession brings healing...

Keep your respective sticks on your very-proverbial ices my friends.


Song of the Week: Sorry to inundate the over-inundated, but I am going to have to go with O Most High (sung by the community of mars hill...check it out on their website click on the play forward button and then fast forward to the is tight)

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Diggs said...

No worries, man. You might as well keep playing with it 'til I can get back to SC. I appreciate the honesty, though.