Friday, July 05, 2013

The Minnesota Majestic: Tourney in Review

I have heard about this tournament for years since I have been living in Minnesota. "You gotta play in the Majestic! It's amazing...." I have been to the Final 9 and the Opening rounds to see the Pro's light up some of the greatest courses Minnesota has to offer. I have seen Feldberg miss a putt and the immediately smack himself in the head with a disc in disgust. I've even dabbled in playing in the doubles tournament that is the Thursday before the tourney starts and we all know how that went. But I have never actually played in the event. UNTIL this year.

My first Minne-Majestic experience also coincides with my first experience with an A-Tier tournament too. Let me set the scene for you now. The tournament consisted of 27 holes at Kaposia, Hyland, and Blue Ribbon Pines. The weather for the weekend was insane. I was woken up Friday morning to a massive thunderstorm that just pelted the Twin Cities area with rain and high wind. By the time my round started the wind and rain was gone. Saturday morning same story. Sunday was the only day that I had to play through any amount of rain and it was only for about an hour or so. Nevertheless the courses were saturated with water (much like our Highbridge Experience this year) and down tree limbs.

The Nitty Gritty: The Players Pack included a Super-Color Minnesota Majestic Buzz, Hot Pink Minnesota Majestic Mini, a pint glass from Surly Brewing, a grey dri-fit, and two granola bars.  Not the players pack I was hoping for but I guess I can't complain. The Intermediate Division consisted of 93 players and I was rated above 21 people (including those with no rating)

Round 1: Friday 9 AM: Kaposia (my so called nemesis)

  • I was nervous about this course because I hadn't played since 2009 and I remember it being a bad experience.
  • By all standards I drew a good hole to start out on hole 26 a long uphill shot that has trees in the middle of the fairway. A long hyzer should get you half way. I liked where I started because it simulated a typical normal the last 2 holes and then start with one and play a normal round.
  • A shout out to the group of guys I played round one with...Ray, Patrick, and Jake...awesome group to play with. Great skill and desire to push me forward.
  • I knew if I managed the course well I would score well. I did regrets on any shot.
  • I shot a 94 (81 was par). Tied for 31st at the time.
  • Didn't go OB, lost disc, or 6's for that matter
Round 2: Saturday 9 AM: Hyland (if you like'll like this one)

  • Wind was relatively calm which was good for the hills on this course.
  • Started on hole 12 which means I play the tallest hills early in the round.
  • Ray, Tony, and Chris (nice ace by the way) were great card mates again. Good sports all around
  • Highlight was carding a 2 on the tallest hill. 658 ft down hill the entire way. I put it 7 feet from the pin. I threw my Pro Destroyer with some anhyzer and just watched it sail. (probably one of the best/scariest 10 seconds of my disc golf life)
  • I shot a 89 which put me around 39th place.
Round 3: Sunday 8 AM: Blue Ribbon Pines ( my personal's so tough)

  • Began the round in a down pour that had been going on since midnight.
  • Started on hole 15. One hole after Digg's famed first Ace. Also known as the bowl hole.
  • In my opinion worst group of card mates for the weekend. I wouldn't choose to play a round with them lets say. But nice people.
  • I worm burned and hit a few too many trees off the tees.
  • Highlight # 2: Carding a Bogey on hole 4 (signature hole). I had an amazing drive with my Ti Buzz. Just skimmed the left side of the fairway to put me three quarters of the way there.
  • Ended up shooting a 103 which was I believe second best on our card.

The Results: I ended up for the weekend shooting a 286, + 36, Tied for 43rd Place. I was one throw away from getting a payout. Do I wish I was one throw better....of course I do. But in my opinion I played a good tournament. The best so far. I don't regret missing some shots or decisions I made. I managed myself fairly well. I can only hope to improve and continue to gain points towards the 2014 Am Worlds.

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