Monday, February 13, 2012

Blizzard Champ

On a day when we are getting 3" of snow, I found it noteworthy to mention the new line of plastic from Innova. It is called Blizzard Champion. This plastic incorporates thousands of microbubbles into the Champ plastic line. The benefit of this is high speed with lighter weight premium plastic which equals greater distance in the right conditions. Innova stated that testing has shown discs under 140 grams of the Blizzard Champ line of plastic will float in water!

Their are only 4 discs currently available in the Blizzard Plastic line up (Wraith, Destroyer, Katana, and Boss). I think the destroyer will fit nicely in my bag to start with. Which one if any/all will you be picking up for this upcoming season of DG?


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