Monday, January 30, 2012

The W

It's January 29th 2:30 in the afternoon. A "balmy" 43 degrees at the time of the first tee off. Is it really possible that this would be the 2nd time this month that Diggs and I would have the opportunity to disc in the middle of winter in Nebraska? We were not going to let that opportunity pass us by. After a short stop to meet the newest member of the Walters family (the 4 legged variety) we arrived at the Seymour. Diggs and I were actually playing it pretty close each of us taking some birdies that were hard to come by just a few months back. As we approached the final 3 holes of the round it was becoming more clear that I might actually have a chance to take the W for the first time from the man himself! Despite some heckling and a missed putt on the 18th hole I was able to seal the deal. Thanks Diggs for a great competitive round in January. Don't forget the importance of putt practice!

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Diggs said...

Didn't happen, can't prove it...

It was a well played round. Give it up to Jiggs who had a personal best 3 birdies and avoided bad mistakes all day. Well done, sir!