Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New Year's Revolution!

Howdy ya'll! It's Diggs back for another year and another empty vow to contribute more to this fledgling little site. What is not empty, however, is my desire to get out and play again. Unlike most of you, I have been fortunate enough to have played a round this year... in February!

Out on the course, I couldn't help but consider how last year's realization compared with my hopes. I, of course, was not satiated. As plainly obvious as the previous statement is the recognition that I will never be satisfied. Tiger "Mr. Itchy-Crotch" Woods, in the height of excellence never ceased pouring over his mechanics, looking for something upon which he could improve. I am no different, save for the fact that finding such deficiencies is infinitely easier for me than it is for Mr. Itchy-Crotch.

In examining my game, I have settled on these areas of focus for the coming year. Hopefully they will all be in playable form come time for our planned bachelor party (hereafter referred to as "Cold Lamp Extravaganza"). I have no confidence that they will be. It is likely to be a long and frustrating road, but as the venerable Josh Gerth once opined, "When you commit to changing your throwing technique, you commit to the uncertainty of time that the change brings."

In no particular order...

Inward pull: I find that my pull focuses on the initial burst of arm movement, causing a dramatic difference of initial arm speed to arm speed at the release point. My goal is to emphasize effort towards the release as opposed to the initial burst. This should also have the added effect of adding more consistent releases (I might explain why in another post).

Grip: My grip is atrocious. Too many points of contact causing too many influences on release. My goal is to transition to a modified power grip.

Diversify the throws in my bag: There was a time when I was a primary forehand player, ignoring my backhand. Now, I am a primary backhand, to the detriment of my forehand. With a desire to see both throws as options, in addition to fitting in a thumber and a roller on limited occassion, I hope to increase my capacity to play a number of ways. This is likely the lowest on the priority list, as it would involve too much bifurcation of effort. However, I still like the idea of being able to competently assess my options.

Putting: Hey-hey! Ho-ho! My putting style's got to go! My floater style which has served me since the days I could legitimately say I had a disc that was "da bomb," is showing it's limits. It compromises my range and fails to be truly consistent due to the release motion. The short and skinny... too many moving parts. In homage to Dave Feldberg, I am looking to adjust to a pop-putt style reminiscent of Cameron Todd. I thought about a drive putt, but decided against.

Snap: More of it! I've realized my snap was less snap and more flick. I want snap.

And that's what we're working on this year. A daunting list to be sure. Will I master it? Not a chance in Hades! Will I be competent in these areas? Not bloody likely. But it'll be fun and frustrating!

That's it for now. Diggs out.


Mid Range King said...

As I read your thoughts and desires I could not not make a couple of comments. First, I commend you on continuing to hone your technique. Thats what makes this crazy game we play special. There is always somthing that we can improve upon. Finally, enjoy the time you have to practice before Bachaelor Extravaganza cause it's all gonna be put to the test.

Diggs said...

By the way... this is not a conclusive list. I have in mind ~3-5 other alterations I would like to make at some point... damn it, Bobby!

Mid Range King said...

Ya know what they say..."You gotta start somewhere between the tee-pad and the chains." Maybe people don't say that. But they should.