Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Buzzing Through The Dayz----Part 1

Buzzing Through the Dayz

A.K.A - The year of the "buzz-ble bee"

The 2009 Disc Golf season has brought an abundent of changes to my game. As the weather begins to change to its natural Minnesota-esk temperature of: COLD to FREEZING. I thought it might be approporiate to reflect on the last seven to eight months as it relates to my DG game.

It was by accident that I 'fell in love' with my new favorite disc. I was playing a lazy round at my Alma mater, Oh Hail the Great Bethel University. I found the disc lying snugly against a pine tree on hole 9 of all places. The Discraft: Buzz esp. She's yellow and flies true and holds her line better than any
small child who has to go to the bathroom. What I like about this disc it that it is completely consistent to how you release it. If you release it hyzer it holds that line all the way through flight. Same goes for flat and anhyzer shots. As a result of now having this disc in my bag it has allowed me to clean up my short game and putting. I am more confident in my approach and putting knowing that the disc will perform the way it is supposed to. I actually use it at my putter now.

Second, after much discussio
n and practice - - Diggs and I have determined and I'm proclaiming I guess that every hole at Acorn, in Roseville, MN should be considered a par 3, with the exception of Hole 18 in the back position is a par 4. We have played if for many years now as all par 3's except for 9 and 18. I think at one point for us when our skill set wasn't what it is today you could consider #9 at Acorn a par 4. However, now that we can consistently drive past the giant rock in the middle of the fairway. Which will leave you a decent mid-range to get to the hole. It's probably time to change how we have been scoring -- Have I been successful since we decided but I feel that it's a good thing coming.

More Review/Reflection to Come!!!

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