Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pipestone Run

We just had a few days of straight rain and cold so yesterday disc golf was required. It was a cool day, sweater weather, but the sun was out. It was very windy, which is common in this part of the country, and it made me think of all the days this summer when I didn't disc just becuase it was too windy. How many rounds did I miss out on?

I went with my friend Kyle and his gf to Pipestone. The course is about 3o minutes away, but it's worth the drive. The course is nicely laid out with some hill shots and a couple chances to air it out. There's a creek that's in play in 3 holes, and one hole that is just a bear. Overall, I was stoked to play a round.

It started well, the wind was down a bit, but it quikcly became overly windy and I pulled out the wraith and stopped worrying about long putts. When we got to the hill holes we noticed a guy playing by himself across the course. Later we ended up finishing the round with him (one of the best aspects of the game) and it was great. This guy, Dion, had a cannon for an arm. He was contsistently hitting 350 ft. with no walk up. He just stood at the end of the tee and threw with incredible force (of course he had some cannons and looked built). A little intimidated, it took a while for me to feel comfortable, but after a while his personality won me over. Dion had a great sense of humor and was always ready to keep the conversation going. Before I knew it the round was over and we were going our separate ways. What an incredible experience and it was made possible through the great game of disc golf. We ended the round and he commented on my walk up (which is slower and much more fluid btw). We both were thinking if he might add the x step he would have a monster throw.

Awesome day...

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