Friday, January 12, 2007

Interim So Far

Here's a quicky just to update ya'll on how my J-term's gone thus far...

I'm in a freshman level business class with no tests or papers
I've only had to do one day of homework
I scored a 3 out of 10 on a quiz and 5 out of 10 on another and I'm still above 100%
I've picked up extra hours at work
Last weekend I spent in Des Moines chillin' at Ben and Bry's (woot!)
This weekend I'll be ice climbing in Canada pretty much for free (woot woot!)

I'm doing well for myself. Oh, and since I'll be in Canada, my cell will be outside of range and since I don't have voicemail set up, don't bother calling. I'll be back on Monday. Later daters!

"...they went on to say that the Pearly Gate has some eloquent graffiti..."


Song of the Week: "Simple Life" by The Weepies

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Bryan said...

Say hi to the ice queen for me.