Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Meteorological Lies

I had been reserving further posts until, you know, I had actually played a round this year.  I thought that would be today.  I was wrong.

I had the time.  I had the will.  And according to our weather reports, I should have had the weather.  0% chance they said.  There'd be no rain they said.  Now their pants are on fire.  The paradigmatic prophetic voice of our culture has (yet again) been laid low, embarrassed by reality.  Its as if the divine winds come yet again to prove to all that they are the Troll of Trolls.  Internet-bound pubescent teens haven't a chance to unseat the champ.

Why do we even try anymore?  Would it be equally successful to blindly throw darts at a board?  Why do we even allow absolute percentages at this point?  0%?  I don't think you understand that number.  Shouldn't there always be a chance, even if so minute the number is in decimal points?  Let us all vow never to invest in such absolute numbers.  It only ends in tears.


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