Friday, October 22, 2010

Behind the Times

Finally! I can add something to the "Good Reasons for Moving to Nebraska" list. The list now has two things on it, and the other one sure isn't the Cornhuskers. As you all are packing your discing season in, my season continues! I suppose this is an attempt to overcome quality with quantity, but I'll take anything I can get at this point.

The problem is that the rigors of a true full-time job and wedding prep have greatly limited my ability to make it out as frequently as I would expect, much less as much as I would like.

But thank you, MRK, for framing a good question for us all: what does our game look like now that the season is coming to a close. This is especially cogent considering this is the first season in which the entirety of the SCDGA have been in different locations. URBWes has his limited course options, but with the openness of the available courses, I'm sure he's been able to focus distance. MidRangeKing still has the plethora of options available to him in the Cities, allowing him to go after his all-around game. As for myself, the poor design of courses here has forced me to develop a richer array of shots and has forced me to be more careful about shot selection.

At least this would be my impression based off initial thoughts. I will be sure to offer a fuller response of my own developments this season, as meager an offering as it may be.

I will also be looking to enrich the blog by expanding its boundaries to include (gasp!) non-disc related posts. I am far too much of a MN Vikings and Iowa Hawkeye fan not to cultivate such burning embers in the blogosphere.

Until then... stay thirsty, my friends.


"And the trees are looking like bones
The afternoon filled with rain and storm
And I'm tangled up in memory's thorns"

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