Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Pay to Play" it's just another way to say Green Fees

I can speak for myself and most likely many others on here with this next sentence.  We play disc golf for the fun, recreation, oneness with nature, the chicks (lol), and most of all the thrill of hucking a round PDGA approved disc as far and as accurate as we can.  But really we play it cause it's a relatively cheap sport to get into.  Unless you are Diggs and ask Mr. Mike Snelson to look up how many points you have earned at Fairway Flyerz over the last 5 years.  I really can't say anything...I'm just as guilty.  But who cares...some people choose archery or fishing. We chose DISC GOLF!

Pay to Play courses have been growing in popularity and have seemed to emerge in the Twin Cities within the last few years.  Here is a list I have compiled and most likely missed a few.

1. Blue Ribbon Pines (East Bethel) $5 a round or $10 all day
2. Elm Creek DGC  (Maple Grove) $3 for the each of the following courses or $35 for a season pass
3. Hyland DGC  (Bloomington)
4. Bryant Lake DGC (Eden Prairie)

You can now add North Valley Park DGC (soon to be renamed Valley Park DGC cause some of the holes will be located in South Valley Park incorporating both parks) & Kaposia DGC to these lists.

According to the "local legends" at FF and the Inver Grove Heights Parks and Rec website.  It will be $30 for a season pass that includes both parks.  The fee right now will cover improvements to have four of the holes re-aligned to South Valley Park as mentioned above, new T-Pads, SIGNAGE and a few new baskets.

I can speak from experience and complete frustration.  Both of these courses desperately need signage and a few cosmetic improvements. So this is a positive for the park. Sadly I don't think I'll play these courses because I just don't think I would get my $30 if there was a way to classify this as a charitable donation...possible tax write offs could change my mind.

We all know the debate very well concerning the Pay v. Free argument.  If it's free it allows for more people to access the course. There is minimal upkeep. I played Acorn yesterday and the course was littered with beer bottles/cans.  Every trash was overflowing and needed pickup.  If you limits the number of people...which is a good thing in my opinion. The course management is much better. fairways are manicured and pristine. (see BRP)  Includes a more enjoyable experience for those who are serious disc golfers.  The debate goes on.  My opinion rides the fence on this issue.  I love playing BRP because the course is just that great....the atmosphere is amazing and DG is just in the air almost.  But I'm also a big fan of FREE.  I look forward to playing both types in the near future.

**Speaking of Pay to Play courses....check this website out regularly.
It's the Twin Cities newest and still under construction.  The place is going to be Highbridge esk. ***

Also if you are looking for some DG blog reading this article is nice to read for the mental aspect of the game.

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URBWes said...

Thee's room for both IMO. I like pay to plays as an occasional treat, but free courses for my bread n' butter. Now if they all went pay to play...