Friday, April 23, 2010

The power of disc golf in SW Minnesota

Here in SW MN things are changing for the better. New courses (Redwood Falls) and revamped and revitalized courses (SMSU) are changing the area from disc golf wasteland to livable area. This is thanks, in part to one of my converts and friends. This guy, let's call him "the nuke" caught on to disc golf last summer. He's been hooked and had turned some other guys to disc golf on the SMSU campus as well.

Their enthusiasm has led to the change for the school course. Before, the course used long wooden logs to symbolize tee pads and the layout of holes was confusing. To add to that, all of the shots were straight and on flat ground (easy enough to do out here on the plains). The course shure made a guy feel good about his game, but it also led to complacency.

So enter "the nuke"

His advocacy, along with a few other diehard DISCers brings:
a new layout to the holes adding difficulty and skill shots (a 500ft bomb hole is a must!)
a soon to come map
permanent, yellow, tee box markers with numbers.
metal number signs on top of the baskets
more trash cans to keep our fair course clean
signs at every hole showing hole number, direction, and approx. distance
a future possibility for cement tees!

These guys are going to have an article in the local paper to boost visibility and we hope to plan a grand opening and possibly a tournament!

Going out on the course I've already seen more disc golfers than ever and I hope to see popularity grow in this area.
"The Nuke" and I plan on playing the Redwood Falls tourney this summer and we're looking to play three courses tomorrow.

keep on discing
and spread the news. You never know when you might infect someone like "the nuke" with a passion for disc golf!

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Mid Range King said...

Wow....things are looking up in SW Minnesota. That's super exciting to hear. Say if you are serious about playing in the Redwood Falls tourney...I might be interested in joining you for the day. Let the King know.