Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Discers Without Boarders

Cold Lampin' is in the middle of a format adjustment. It is necessary for our survival to reach beyond our discing center into a broader approach to all things athletic. This is really just a recognition of who we really are. Each blogger has passions beyond disc golf, reaching nearly every facet of life: professional football, college football, and even college basketball provided its March. Hence, we will be expanding our focus to include all things sports.

To kick off this new venture (boy, this is exciting!), I thought I'd give my thoughts on the Orange Bowl, or more specifically, the lead in to the Orange Bowl. For those who are unaware, the Orange Bowl is a college football bowl, and an important one at that. Only those teams who are among the best in the nation will be invited to play there. This year, Georgia Tech and my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes are facing off (tonight, actually!).

But unless you were a fan, I doubt you would have known that. Unfortunately, the marketing folks seem to undervalue this matchup. Between the controversies around the Cincy-Florida game, the meeting of the undefeateds Boise State and TCU, or the upcoming "Title" game, the Orange Bowl is horribly under-discussed. I have yet to see much memorable coverage on the game and the marching bands are on the field as we speak! Well, if they don't want to promote a great game, there's not much I can do about it. I hope those of you who care get to see the exciting game. Enjoy the Iowa victory!

Go Hawks!

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