Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post Blue Ribbon Pines

I don't have any flashy pictures and I don't have any scores, but I can tell you what is going on after my round at Blue Ribbon Pines. I've been working on my drives. I'm trying to get fluidity like my friends MidRange and Diggs have suggested. I still position my back to the basket before a big drive, but I've taken some effort off to ensure a flat release (hopefully) and a fluid motion. The new Vengie still rainbows (needs breaking in), but I can turn the Wraith over with some annie and a solid grip and I can easily make the Roadrunner finish right without even putting effort behind the throw. The next step is to get out there more often. I''ve heard , from my friend (who will now be called MBFKYLE), that Sioux Falls has a nice course. Hopefully I can hit that venue and work the throw. BTW I talked MBFKyle into buying a Buzz D. We'll see where he ends with that one. +1 to the purchase!!!

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Mid Range King said...

Agreed Tut Hill in (SF) is a very nice course. Look out for lots of hills. There is a huge down hill (their tubing hill) hole that is pretty fun to play.