Friday, December 08, 2006

A Harsh Winter is Upon Us...Bring on the Broomball

This is the BroomSticks from the 2006 Season.

Upon coming to this great North Star State in the late part of 2004, I came upon a very unusual sport known to Minnesotans as Broomball. To an outsider this sport looks silly and almost impossible to play. And to their suprise, its not difficult to play. It's difficult to run or stop. The game of broomball is played almost the same way that traditional ice hockey is played. You play in a ice rink of some sort with two goals just like hockey. The only difference is that you dont use ice skates, hockey sticks or a puck.
What I was getting at in my brief explanation of what broomball is for those bloggers who don't have the privilage of seeing a live game. I was able to step out on the ice a little less than a week ago. I was invited by my roommates to play a pick-up game at a friends house. He's from a rich Minnesota family and happens to live on a lake. The ice was 6 inches thick. It was weird playing on it because you could actually see through the ice to see how deep it was. Usually when we play there is a layer of snow over the ice and then ice over that. So an illusion was upon us. However, I did score 2 goals and was able to begin to get my bearings on the ice. Which is good because I'm playing on two teams this Interium. I can hardly wait. It will be a new experience for me this year because most of my former team mates will be overseas this interium and therefore resulted in my finding another team to allow myself to play for them. I've assured my new teams that I am good and that i can run on ice and play good defense. Hopefully, all will work out and the broomball season will be a success. To all you out there that play. Good Luck this season.

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